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Sunday 25 September 2016

Pretty weak trout season - 2016

2016 was quite an uneventful season: the spring was wet and cold, with muddy, high water in most parts of Luxembourg. The rainy weather continued well into the summer. The cold and wet conditions took their toll on the hatches. I witnessed verry few abundant hatches and in any case, they were local and did not last long.

Dry fly was not particularly efficient. You really needed to be lucky to hit the right spot on the right day. The usual popular patterns, such as different imitations of caddis (elk hair, goddard) did not bring me many fish. Even the orange stimulator, which very rarly fails me (especially when positioned close to the banks in the evening hours) could not guarantee success. Therefore - not many posts in the last months and not a single video worth adding to youtube. Sorry for that!

Overall, the flies I used most often and those that did not fail were mostly streamers (such as epoxy fry zonkers or very small buggers - size 12 or 14) and wet flies (all kinds of spiders, preferably with an orange or red hotspot).

In the last two weeks, I also had some success with small cdc mayfly imitations and mosquitoes made of red or grizzly hackle for the wings, polish quills or turkey biots for the body and small coq de leon tails.

Bad weather means a bit more time to practice fly tying. Check out in the gallery some of the flies I tied and some of the fish that fell for them :)

I hope I'll catch something nice before the season closes so that I'll be able to post a video!